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August 2020

Hello JIm,

We just uploaded three videos to YouTube that I hope you will enjoy. We also continue to release updates to our existing products in addition to announcing new items. Here are direct links to the videos:

1. Installation into an HO Super Chief Pleasure Dome - one of a kind

2. Designer used our LED Scene Controller to light a scale model of a house.

3. Quick intro/setup of the LED Scene Controller

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.06.58 PM

LED Light board update:

  • All LED light boards (except the Caboose board) for installation inside passenger cars will now come with solder pads so you can easily disable the board lights. Previously we painted over them.
  • We added a solid state (not reed switch) magnetic reset system so that you can reset the board without removing the shell; very handy.
  • We upgraded the main MCU (CPU) to a more powerful chip with more memory into which we plan to put more functionality next year.
2020-03-19 13.27.55 copy

NEW - LED Scene Controller IIa

We just release an in-line release our main controller. All LED Scene Controllers now come with full support for DCC Accessory Decoder functionality. Since the LSC IIa has 16 ports, you can have 16 switch address to control any port or group of ports. The last part is really great. You can mix and match and double up ports and switch address. You can also run more than one LSC II in parallel and assign the same switch address to specific ports as you like.

We also removed the extra power connector and slide switch to streamline the design and make it more reliable. We found that 99% of our customers we NOT using the JST plug for power. I also felt that since it was the same type (JST) as the LED ports someone might accidentally plug power into a port (Bad). And lastly we're making room for new cool features that will be part of the LSC III sometime in the late fall (for Christmas).

NEW - LED Scene Controller IIa CLEAR CASE

Since we added 3D printing several months ago we've be having fun adding new dimensions to our products. On a whim, I printed our case in clear and got lots a great feedback that people loved it. This is going to be a Coke vs Pepsi moment: The cases are identical - its just what you like.

NEW - JST to Terminal Connectors

We have received a number of requests for a way to mix both JST plug accessories and those that DONT have a JST plug. Here is the solution. These connector simply plug into the JST sockets as a set (2,4 or 10). Easily removed like the JST plugs. You can use the 2 port and 4 port anywhere it fits - not just on the ends.
Set of TErminal Adapters

NEW - LSC II and LSC IIa LED Test Boards.

Use this LED testing KT to configure you LSC II or IIa before putting it our on the layout. Each port has an LED to match the port. You can also use the 2 and 4 port tester anywhere it will fit.
LSC II LED testing Board Kit

NEW - Fiber Lighting Dongle

Below is picture our NEW Fiber Lighting Dongle. The Dongle plugs into an port of your LSC II or LSC II and then you insert a Fiber Light Cable into the other end - and now you can control a single Fiber Optic Cable and it can perform all the animations that an LED can. Why use Fiber Optical Cables? There are some circumstances where getting access or installing LED is a challenge. Small vehicle lighting is an examples. Using Fiber Optic cable you just drill our the headlights of your vehicle and insert the cable. Fiber Cables comes in many sizes. We use our Fiber Connector Pins to secure the cable into the dongle. We current support 3 sizes: .75mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm.

You can choose one of four LED White colors just like our other LED products. Those LED colors of white are (2000k, 3000k, 5000k and 6500K). See our web site for more information.


We have release and shipped our NEW Fiber Lighting Controller. The controller will light 16 Fiber Cables with 8 CONTROL PORTS. There are two fiber lights per port. The animation included are ON, Alternate Flashing and Blinking. This perfect for use as a crossing gate, emergency vehicles or building flashing signals. The Fiber Lighting Controller also has 8 DETECTION circuits so that you can activate any of the ports via remote detection system. You can assign one or more detection inputs to one or more ports.

The unit also has a built in DCC decoder AND you can select whether it behaves as a Multifunction Decoder OR an Accessory Decoder. The Unit will support 8 separate Switch addresses and you can assign any switch to any port - or motile ports. This give you a lot of flexibility. The unit fully supports NMRA short and Long addressing. The kit comes with an 18VDC power supply ("wall wort").

We invented Fiber Connector Pins so that you just slide the Fiber Cable in and insert it int the Fiber Light Manifold.
FLC - 1
FLC - Back 2

For your convenience, here are the links to our site: (both links work the same but one is easier to remember and type!)

Due to very popular demand of our Caboose Board lighting system we packaged up a kit that includes all the key components. You can choose the LED color of the Caboose board. Comes with DCC Decoder board, "floating brass" pack and two 3D printed lanterns with RED 0603 prewired LEDs - AND now an LED "chip" for lighting the cupola - AND hookup wire! All you need is a soldering station.


2020-06-07 13.49.39-1 copy

Until next time, best regards and stay safe and healthy,


Founder & Inventor
Model Train Technology
Orlando, Florida

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