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June 2020 Update

Hello JIm,

1. More Cabooses
2. Fiber Optics from Model Train Technology - looking for testers

Earlier this month we shared with you a blog post on the installation of our lighting system in five caboose cars. That led to a run on caboose boards AND installations so we decided to make a Video of the installation. It was supposed to be short - It turned out to be 52 minutes! Lots of details.

Topics in the Video:
Installation of Floating Brass
Installation - and then removal of Kadee wheel trucks (failure)
3D Printed Lanterns - now available for HO
Close up soldering techniques

Here is the link:


10 years ago I installed fiber optic lighting between the pavers of a 1,000 sf patio that I hand built. When lit, the floor twinkled. It was amazing and of course a lot of work. We lived in NJ at the time and when it snowed the lights would light the snow from below. Magical. As a matter of fact I've never seen another one like it.
Fiber Optic Patio 1
Fiber OPtic Patio 2
We are about to make several new product announcements in July. and one of them is a Fiber Optic Lighting controller. We also are finalizing fiber optic "singles" that will plug into our existing LED Scene Controller units.

We're in the electronic business but a number of people have asked us about this and we do have the technology to make this work. We have a prototype product ready to go and would like to ask a few people (limit 6) to help us complete the final testing process. The requirement is to test the unit, provide feedback (written or by phone), and finally when the product is ready, to write feedback on our products page. In return you get a free unit to keep and use on your layout. The first two people who volunteer will get the free units. The next four can purchase a unit for a discounted price of $50. The market price will be about $135. More confidential details will be provided separately.

Contact me at Jim@ModelTrainMan.com if you are interested.

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For your convenience, here are the links to our site: (both links work the same but one is easier to remember and type!)

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