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The Model Train Technology G Scale Crossing Flashers are here!

The Flasher kit includes the G Controller which powers the flashers and has the Precision Detector MAX.  The Flashers are slightly larger than scale but on the G Scale layouts where we have shown the products the feedback has been very positive.  Email Support@ModelTrainTechnology.com for questions about our G Scale products.

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The Model Train Technology G Scale Signaling system combines our extraordinary Precision Detectors that work in any light condition – so they work outside in direct sun or at night with our Signal Controller technology. The electronics can run off a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery that fits inside the electrical box or from a 12VDC source. The Battery version can run multiple Signal Controllers and additional sensors so you can place them on your outdoor layout with a minimum of wiring. Each controller board also has an output signal to trigger relays or our Sound Module.

A small form factor Sensor (small box shown below) can be combined with any of the Controller units to extent the length of a protected block area.

Latching between Signal Controller works the same as in all the other scales. With Latching, a signal will not turn green until the block ahead is cleared. The Signal will animate through all the other aspect except green. Once the block ahead is clear, the signal will turn to green.

Shown in the pictures, all the units can be fitted to attach to rubber mounting blocks. Resin feet protect the rubber from the concrete surface and let water drain. All units attached to their base via magnets. For embedded installations the rubber blocks can be buried. and covered with earth or gravel.

The G Scale Precision Sensor is built in to the Signal Controller and is mounted on the Battery via 2 banana-plug style connectors. The battery is 7.4v Lithium Polymer (LiPo).


Shown above is the 7 Light Signal.  There are a few variations available including all white lights, red, yellow and green.  The Signal Controller configures whether the center light is always on or turns off for red.


•Battery Powered or 12VDC
•One Battery Unit can power other units
•Built in Signal Controller
•Built in Precision Detector – Works in Direct Sunlight or total darkness without adjustment
•1mm precision with range up to 500 mm
•Auto Light shutoff to preserve batter life


1.Battery Powered , Choice of Signal  $199
2.12VDC Version  $165
3.LIPO Charger  $50
4.Rubber Mounting Blocks (2)  $20
See product page for more details.


The G Controller has eight distinct behaviors that are set with the single push button. They are:

· Red, Green
· Red, Yellow, Green
· Red, Yellow, Yellow flash, Green
· R, R&Y, G&Y, Green
· R, R&Y, R&Y-Flash, G&Y-flash, Green
· Red, fade to Yellow, fade to Green
· Alternate flash Red & Green (speed adjustable) *
· Alternate flash R & G with fade (speed adjustable) *

LATCHING (Clear-to-Proceed)


While not a true CTC signaling system, this feature will give the appearance of one – without the complexity. In short, while the block ahead is occupied the block behind will wait at the last aspect before green. Once the block ahead is clear, the G Controller of the block behind is “released” and will turn green.


You can daisy-chain as many latching connections as you like.



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