All Instructional and troubleshooting videos are located on our second YouTube Channel called “ModelTrainTechnologyLEARN“.


Caboose Lighting with DCC Control and Animation

{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+the+Caboose+Kit& }} We recently completed the installation of our DCC Decoder LED light board into five HO caboose cars.  In the process we had a chance to use several different assembly techniques that I am happy to share.  Despite their apparent similarity, including two of identical make and model, they were different enough [...]

TrainSense(tm) – Automated Motion Sensing

This is an article about our new product with TrainSense(tm). More information coming soon. In the meantime, check out this video:

HO Scale Row House Lighting Animation.

We set up a a very simple wood framed row house using mdf boards and then we used flats from Woodland Scenic. We taped masked the windows and doors and then airbrushed the flats. Next, we printed room interiors on simple card stock and used our Cameo 4 cutter to separate them.  Finally, we inserted […]

N Scale Passenger Car Lighting installation.

Here is a video of how we installed our LED light board inside an N Scale passenger car.  

LED Scene Controller Overview

See our review in MRH:     Hello everyone.  This is Jim from model-train technology and I’d like to share with you our new LED scene controller.  This is a very exciting product and what this is is a combination of DCC decoder LED scene controller and it fully supports all of the woodland scenic […]

N Scale LED installation

Here is a series of images showing the stages of installation of our LED Scene Controller ( LSC MICRO) board Inside of an N scale building.  The LSC has 16 channels and you can connect up to two LEDs per channel on the MICRO board.  All the wiring is inside the building and is hidden. […]

How to install Floating brass axle pickups

A critical part of our success with interior lighting control boards for scale model railroad cars was finding a way to retrofit cars that did not come with factory installed wheel pickups.  This includes N and HO scale which is our primary focus.  We began our business adventure by working with Kato brand cars which […]

LED Chips and how they work

When we set out to expand our product line to a 16 channel LED controller we wanted to make sure that people could get good quality LEDs and an affordable price.  The best choice for this is what are called SMD (Surface Mounted Devices).  They are inexpensive, reliable and come in a wide variety of […]

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