Fiber Lighting Controller Software Update (Includes Lamplighter FL)

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As of March 1, 2021 the current software version is E = 5.
You can check this by pressing the diagonal blue buttons (SouthWest & North East). (Lower Left and Upper Right).  Press the GREEN button for 1 second to enter Configuration mode.  Then hold the two blue buttons for apron 5 seconds.
The display will show F1, A (1-3) and then E.  E is the edition (version) number of the software.
The most recent change from version 4 to 5 is the addition of the ability to invert the detection signal – use this for Red/Green Block Signals.

THE UPGRADE IS $1.00. (one dollar)

There are two packing/shipping rates:

$10 For 2-Day Priority Mail.      That means 3-17 days for 2-Day priority mail to get to you.  I know, its crazy but that’s what’s happening right now.
$15 For UPS 3-5 Ground shipping.  More reliable time wise but not perfect.
Ship only the main unit  – No bracket or power-supply please.  The turn around time once we receive your unit is two business days, often faster.
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Model Train Technology LLC
105124 Moss Park Rd #204-256
Orlando, FL. 32832
if you have any questions contact us at:

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