Fiber Optic Lighting Block Signal 2-Lite (N/HO Scale)



Our 2-Lite Fiber Optic Lighting Block Signal is finally here –  this is the 2-lite version that plugs right into our Fiber Lighting Controller (pictured below). Comes with 5′ or 10′ of fiber cable.

Available in N Scale and HO Scale.  (Also Available in O Scale – Contact us for details)


THIS IS THE EASIEST way to add Triggered Block Signals to you layout with the minimum of wired and fuss.  The two fibers from the Block Signal go through the layout base and connect directly into the Controller.  You will use two ports – one for Red and one for Green.  Then,  connect your favorite Track Detection system (how about our new IR or Magnetic detectors?).  The detector can be powered from the Controller (5VDC) and then only one signal wire connects to the controller.

Set the controller to ports to the Block Signal setting using the simple keypad (it takes about 60 seconds) and then push the green button on the controller to start the animation.  When there is no train the light will be GREEN.   When the detector “sees” the train the controller will get a signal and switch the fiber light port from GREEN to RED.  It’s that simple!!

Each port has TWO Fiber Lights – thus you can have two block signals run by one detector circuit – one for EAST and one for WEST.

Configured this way,  the Fiber Lighting Controller can support 8 detector and 4 pairs of Block Signals/Circuits.

A 3-LITE version will be available in February 2021. This will require a separate 3-Lite Fiber Lighting Block Signal Controller.

Our Block Signals are 3D printed using the most advanced SLA printed technology available.  If you want to lite your own block signals,  just order the Signal Light Kit which includes 10′ of fiberoptic cable and the fiber pins that can be used with our Fiber Lighting Controller.  Coloring the lamps takes some practice.  We fasten the cable with both CA glue and Bondix resin glue.  You can bend the cable with hot water and cut it with very sharp snippers. (Video coming on this)


Fiber Light Controller KIT 1 (with Power Supply)



HO Scale, N Scale

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