LED MICRO 5 Lighting Controller Board (JST sockets)


This DCC Controller board has 16 individually controllable pins for lighting LED “chips” and other LED components to light buildings, cars – anything.


This is the new LLC 5 MICRO Board.  This unit DOES NOT need DCC to run but it includes a DCC decoder circuit if needed.

This version of the MICRO 5 has JST sockets for power and the four banks of 4 ports (plus a ground wired on each)

The wiring harnesses are INCLUDED (wire length is 24″)


1 Amp capacity 100ma per port, 16 ports
Solder pad connections
5 million possible configurations
Each port brightness can be adjusted individually
Each port animation behavior is individually controllable
Programmable from the LLC 5 MAIN Unit via a USB cable
Programmable via DCC
Builtin DCC Decoder, switchable between Multifunction and Accessory mode.
All 16 channels can be remotely controller either via DCC Accessory mode OR via the MTT Sensor Hub


Weight N/A
USB Cable

With USB cable, No Cable

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