NANO Dual Precision Detector (under-track)




This version of our Precision Detector (NANO Dual) will determine whether the train is coming from the East or the West (North or South) and separately trigger a device such as our SMART Switch or any of our family of Signal Controllers. To prevent derailment of trains crossing a mis-directed turnout you can use our standard Precision Detector on the Frog side of the turnout connected to a SMART Switch but you can also protect the train while it is in the turnout by placing the NANO DUAL on the outboard side. This keeps the turnout aligned with the train until it is completely clear of the turnout. HOWEVER, you don’t want the detector to react if the train is approaching from the mainline. The NANO Dual allows you to set this up. Another application is to selective trigger a specific soundtrack on the Sound Module specific to the direction of travel. We also envision automated stopping and starting of trains based on some automation logic without using a computer – and the NANO Dual will come in handy to help with this automation


Our detection technology is the smallest, fastest, most reliable train detector available today AND it slides under the rails of N Scale and all other scales.  No need to dig up your track!

Watch the Video to see how the sensor IGNORS ambient lighting conditions.

The NANO PD has two 9″ twisted wired sensors that allow you to place it under the track and the Detection Controller under the layout.

The video below has both the announcement and the installation video.

Like all our other Precision Detectors this is NOT a reflective IR (Infrared) sensor.  Instead of measuring reflected light it measure the distance of an object in its viewport down to 1mm precision.  That means is works in any light condition and it doesn’t matter if the lighting is constantly changing.  The NANO PD allows you to set the sensing distance for N, HO and O/S with the push of a button.  You can also use the Auto Calibrate more to set the sensing range form 1 to 150mm so the sensor can be placed almost anywhere.

Like the other Precision Sensors you can adjust the timeout (time delay of sensor release) to immediate, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

The NANO Dual also has auto calibrate so that you can set the sensor distance to anything between 5 and 150mm.

The NANO Dual is available to order today.

Click on the picture below for a link to the YouTube video and installation demo


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