Shipping to the UK Instructions

Shipping to any UK country requires that the Customs Declaration include a VAT number so they can recover duties. We do not have a VAT number and you probably don’t either. Therefore, the best way to manage this is to use a company called (

This is easy and all customers to date have had success with this process.

1. Set up your personal account with This will include setting up a billing account with your credit card.

2. will issue you an account and a shipping address with their address in Sarasota, FL.

3. Place your order with us (Model Train Technology) using the billing and shipping information provided by

4. Enter your ACTUAL UK shipping address in the NOTES section of the order page.

5. We will fulfill your order and ship it to the address. When we ship to, you will be notified by email. Forward your shipping information to

6. will contact you and let you know what the VAT duties are and they will give you shipping options; speed versus cost. Tell them how you would like the package shipped and they take care of the rest.

7. Although we are shipping inter-state (Florida) which usually results in sales tax, has a special US zip code that makes our computers skip the tax charge.

8. has a shipping rate calculator on their web site. Most packages we ship are under 2 lbs, the majority are under 1 lbs.


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