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We have developed a 4 PORT Panel Controller that works in conjunction with any of our Precision Sensors and allows you to have a Green/Red two wire LED that shows Occupied/UnOccupied. A single signal wire connects to the Precision Detector signal wire while power for the LEDs comes directly from the Power Module. The detector wire can work in parallel with the Signal Controller. Four bi-color LEDs are provided with the board.  Two sizes of LED are available: 3mm and 5mm round. Simply drill a hole in your panel and insert them from behind. Use a little bit of GemTac glue to keep them in place. (Gem Tac is a strong white glue that still allows removal).  We recommend you use 28 AWG wire to connect the LEDs.

By using a two-wire LED you do not have to worry about mis-wiring. The only mistake you can make is reversing the wires – and then the LED will show Red instead of Green – or vis versa. Just reverse the two LED wires if that is the case. Super Simple.

If you want TWO LEDs per channel and one lights when the circuit is ON and the other when the circuit is off, simply connect two LEDs backward to each other in the same terminal. So presumably one will be a red LED and the other a green LED.  LEDs are diodes so when the polarity of the output is reversed by the circuit, the light that is lit will switch.

You do NOT have to worry about resistors ! We have them on the board already.  ON the sensor side there is one terminal per sensor. There are 4 detection/indicator circuits per board.

LEDs shown inserted directly into terminals for DEMO purposes.

On the input side, the first position (leftmost) is the COMMON.  connecting COMMON to any of the other four inputs will trip the circuit.  This is good for testing.

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3mm, 5mm

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