G Scale Sound Module with Cover


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This version of the Sound Module includes the outdoor case.  This version does NOT have selectable Play Once or Interrupt capability.  The default is REPEAT play for all sounds.

Contact us if you need the selectable capabiltiy.

There are four pre-recorded sound tracks (3 different crossing bells and a sample voice announcement). You can load your own sounds and we provide the USB cable.

To select a sound, simply connect the SIGNAL OUT from the G Controller to any one of the four input terminals on the G Sound Module board.

The sound is quite loud even with the case on.  However, you can connect a remote speaker instead.  We also provide terminals for DIGITAL OUT which can be use to connect to the input of an Amplifier.

The rubber mounting block is an option.

Thin Magnet Brackets are available for $5.00

If you purchased the Solar Powered Kit and want to add a Y cable to power the G Sound Module, please contact us.

1.  The cost to print the 3d case is $15.00
2. Rubber blocks are sold at our cost

Mounting Block

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Quick Connectors

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