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SMART-Switch ,

The SMART Switch from Model Train Technology provides an easy way to connect any kind of mechanical switch that you would like – push buttons ( single or double), toggles switches etc. to turn the turnouts  whether they are coil types or motorized slow motion turnouts.  You can connect our Precision Detectors to automatically switch turnouts.  There is a signal OUT wire that can be connected to our Signal Controllers including the Dwarf Controller. Then, the signals are changed with a change in the turnout.

The SMART Switch works with a 12VDC power supply including our Power Module (Click Here)

AND – if you have DCC you can run that in parallel.  In other words you can turn the turnout with either the mechanical switch OR DCC – at any time. The SMART Switch DOES NOT use DCC power activate the turnouts, it only uses the DCC Signal.

The SMART Switch remembers the turnout position when you turn the power off so the connect Signal Controller will show the proper Dwarf or Block signal lighting.

You can connect the signal out to our CTC Relay board that can power LEDs on your panel to show which direction the switch is turned.

And the SMART switch can make coffee!   Ok, well not exactly but it could trip a relay to turn the coffee maker power on.

The SMART Switch is part of a set or products that will allow you to automate the running of your trains with out the complexity of a computer.  We’ll have more information and videos on this shortly.

Includes a power cord and mounting bracket.

SMART Switch VIDEO – Click Here

Protecting Your Turnouts VIDEO

Protecting your Turnouts WIRING DIAGRAM



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