N Scale LED installation

Here is a series of images showing the stages of installation of our LED Scene Controller ( LSC MICRO) board Inside of an N scale building.  The LSC has 16 channels and you can connect up to two LEDs per channel on the MICRO board.  All the wiring is inside the building and is hidden.  Only two wires run out of the bottom to connect to either your DCC system or a no DCC power source such as our 18VDC power adapter.

Each room has one of our LED chips which has a SMD (surface mounted device) LED attached to a small 8mm x 8mm PCB board.  You connect two wires to the chip and then connect the wires to the LSC MICRO.  We have several version off the MICRO board to accommodate different installations;  solder pads, solder holes, pins and a pin board adapter to terminal screws.

We use simple modeler glue to attach the chips to the styrene rooms.  We don’t use super glue.  Using modelers glue allows you to pop the chip off if you need to replace it or relocate it.

Think how much simpler your under-the-layout work will be if you only have to connect two wires!

All the LSC boards provide dozens of special effects which will save you a ton of money by avoid to buy all these capacities separately

The built in special effects include:

  • Flicker
  • Blink
  • Fade
  • adjustable brightness for each channel/LED
  • Random
  • Chase
  • Race
  • Step
  • Alternate Flashing
  • TV simulation
  • MARS
  • Mimic
  • Arc Welding
  • Lightning


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