Dwarf Signal (FIBER) Pair



This is the Dwarf Signal that works with the   Dwarf Signal Controller.

Available in N, HO, HO2 S & O scale:


N scale  is now the N 75% size – now prototypical.

HO is the old N scale standard

HO2 scale is the old HO scale. IF YOU HAVE HO Scale from before April 15th and you want to match scale – order HO2 scale.

HO2 can also be used for S scale.

S/O scale – Revised to prototypical size.


Comes with 36″ of Fiber cable and Fiber Connector Pins. ( 2 2-Core pins and 4 Singles)

Extra Pins are available to order.



N Scale, HO Scale, HO2 Scale, O/S Scale

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