N Scale Train Sense LED Board wt Decoder 106mm & 124mm


Our New Series II LED Lighting board for N Scale Passenger Cars includes a DCC decoder.  You can control and set the brightness and special effects of two onboard circuits: the mains and Aux pads.  Also available are SuperCaps that ad between 1 and 3 seconds of time to help “Keep the Light On”.  Choice of 4 different shades of White LEDS.



All boards come with a set of AUX pads so you can install rear end lighting – which is controllable separately form the main cabin lights.  Special effects include Blink and Flicker.  (Coming soon: Mars, Beacon, Blip)

If your car does NOT have wheel pickups (all KATO cars have them built in) then use our “Floating Brass” wheel pickups.  There are very simple to install and are the best solution we know.  We did not set out to sell brass wheel pickup but of course we needed a good solutions.  WE TRIED EVERYTHING until we stumbled across this super simple and super reliable solutions.  These brass strips are specially etched for the right size, thickness and malleability – from Scotland!

124mm = aprox = 1/2″ x 4. 7/8 5 LED light board.

Perfect fit for KATO n scale passenger cars

2000k is Soft White (more yellow)
3000k is Warm White ( a bit more white)
5000k is Bright White ( Bright)
6500k is Cool White (Bluish Bright White)



LED Color

2000K, 3000K, 5000K, 6500K


106mm, 124MM


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