N CABOOSE Lighting KIT wt Train Sense motion sensing


Perfect fit for HO or N Scale Caboose. Includes Rear End LED control –


This is the new motion sensing Caboose board!

A perfect fit for all N Scale Caboose.

The Kit includes:

  1.  DCC Decoder Light board with TrainSense motion sensing and 4 attached white LEDS (2000k or 3000k)
  2. N Scale Floating Brass (for electrical pickup) with 12″ wire.
  3. One LED chip for use in the cupola – connects to the on aboard Decoder pad.

An N Scale lantern lit by a red LED and fiber optic cable is available as an option.  Choose the option at time of placing your order.

Our Caboose board kit comes with the latest Caboose board that includes automatic light activation via a solid state motion sensor on the board.  You can still use your DCC Cab to turn the lights on and off, but you don’t have to.

Engineering update:  The N Scale caboose board represents significant engineering advancements in both design and manufacturing.  The densely populated board is a 4 layer PCB and has the SuperCaps mounted on the bottom.  The accelerometer used for sensing motion is similar to what you would find in your smart phone.  The microprocessor and software have been upgraded and updated to meet the new functionality.  The old adage that “simple is hard” is true !

If you are interested in an Non DCC Caboose board without motion sensing, try our DC Caboose board. Click Here.

Watch the installation video on YouTube:

Weight N/A
LED Colors

2000K (Yellowish), 3000k(Standard)


No Lantern, Include Lantern ($10)


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